Making the Dream Come True is a bipartisan organization composed of advocates from a broad cultural spectrum, who are united in fulfilling the same dream. As advocates of Making the Dream Come True, we inform the general public of Southern Nevada about The DREAM Act.

What is the Dream Act? "DREAM is an acronym for Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors. This legislation was reintroduced March 26th of 2009 in both houses of congress: H.R. 1275 in the House, and S. 744 in the Senate. If passed it will grant temporary legal status for six years to students deprived of complete legal status. However, in order to receive temporary status, these students, who came as small children, MUST have:

      -A good record in school and community.

      -Complete 2 years of Military Service, an Associate Degree, or 2,000 hours of Community Service during those six years.

      -Upon completion they can apply for legal residency, and contribute more to society fearlessly.

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